The idea's been bouncing around my head more and more lately: The blogosphere is like a tuple space.

I'm pushing tuples via outline nodes and essays, augmented by tagging and suchlike. You're matching tuples by way of Technorati, Feedster, FeedBurner, and coComment RSS feeds. We can all be Kibo now.

The more we can extend executable representations of our mental baleen out into the web, the more relevancy comes to us. It makes no sense to expect all of a person's blogging output to make sense to you - if someone goes "off topic" on their own blog, it's likely that they're just pushing tuples that don't match your patterns. But, they probably match someone's patterns out there.

In fact, watching individual blogs may start making less sense if people were to start authoring for the tuple space directly. That is, posting thoughts without constriction to topic, relying on filters elsewhere to sort things out for a non-premeditated audience.

These are all just kind of fragmentary thoughts that I'd like to elaborate further, but I needed to get this tuple out of my head for now.

Archived Comments

  • I for one welcome our new Kibo overlords.

    I can understand more and more the appeal of building pseudonyms for use on the net - you can be more than one Kibo that way.

  • ...I’m trying to shift the way I do things by dumping more and more to the net. Even if the tuple doesn’t make sense to anyone but me right now. It’s still my tuple and I can get to it. Maybe down the road someone else will?...

  • matt: That's exactly right! Because in a way, in a tuple space that retains tuples, the pattern for matching some tuples might not be satisfied until a future time-- and of course, the interested party might be you!

  • edward: I've tried to settle on one moniker so far that seems pretty unique and widely useful (l.m.orchard), even though people call me deusx, Les, Leslie, Mr. Orchard, Leslie Michael Orchard, hey you, etc. It's a little weird sometimes, since I like people to call me Les, generally, but I've been trying to make "l.m.orchard" my personal tag, so to speak. Although, "deusx" is still pretty widespread in its attachment to me.