One more shot with my hacked up WordPress tool, now with lists:

  • I think I may have roped Ed Vielmetti into this OPML thing with my enthusiasm of late. :)
  • So, I checked out and compiled the OPML Editor from source under Mac OS X during dinner. It ran and appeared to work fine with a backup of all my stuff. Beyond that, I don't know what I'm doing - yet. But, just like when I downloaded and built the first release of Mozilla, this gives me some geeky comfort. (Only well, unlike Mozilla, this thing didn't crash & burn out of the box.)
  • Hmm, need to tweak the WordPress tool to produce HTML lists instead of tables. There, done. I just tweaked wordPressSuite.getPostText to produce nested HTML lists that are more friendly to styling via CSS. If anyone happens to want my tweak, let me know.

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