In case you're not following my OPML alt-blog, here are a few highlights from today:

  • Donovan points me toward an OPML Editor tool that helps build S5 presentations from OPML documents, rendered via an XSLT transformation to XOXO that includes all the S5 machinery. Presentations straight from outlines, with web standards goodness. Who says you can't have cake and eat it too?
  • Later: Hot damn, it's my Instant Outline as an S5 presentation. No, it doesn't make a ton of sense, but it was quick and easy to make this nonsense.
  • Donovan's also getting an odd error from my newsRiver add-on, and the original NewsRiver. I hope my crud didn't break things, though. Not sure if this tip helps, but: You can try running viewNewsItems in decafbadNewsRiverSuite directly within the OPML editor to "replay" the last web request and get an in-editor error dialog with a more helpful Go To button to chase the error.
  • I'm starting to think that the OPML Editor and NewsRiver is a good platform to try throwing together a next iteration of my popular links script and some notions I had in mind for FeedSpool. I still really like some of the ideas I was exploring with FeedSpool - but apropos my recent semi-rant about tools, I should target efforts where more people can take advantage of them more easily. I love Python, and definitely have a yen for things running on the OS itself - rather than the OS-within-an-OS that is the OPML Editor. But, I haven't yet had time to bundle my stuff up as a single-icon install like the OPML Editor, and there's a lot of infrastructure already there for the hacking. So, if you can't beat 'em...
  • I'd also like to get back around to adding more things to FeedMagick, such as maybe some Reading List style features to blend multiple feeds from an OPML list into one output feed. Need to build some cross-format conversion tools. I could also see a popular links type script joining the suite. These sorts of things seem like they could be a server-side complement to the OPML Editor, especially in cases where I can't run Frontier or the OPML Editor on a server yet PHP is available.

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