I've got some further posts percolating with regards to this serial enthusiast notion - but as The Date is fast approaching (7 days!), I'll repost a comment left on Anne Zelenka's blog:

I’ve been lucky enough to find someone who’s not only tolerant of my serial enthusiasms, but apparently enjoys being around me. And, I’ve found that in her case my enthusiasm has only been constant and growing and shows no sign of wander. Alexandra’s been a daily source of novelty to me, so I think she’s one rare case wherein I’m happy to tie up loose ends and commit to a lifetime of future support.

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  • urrrgggggg, I hope you didn't think I was implying you're not committed to Alexandra for the long haul! I thought about what you wrote and it made me wonder, how come I'm still married when I'm mostly a serial enthusiast?

  • Awh! That is so sweet. I was bad and read it, so I guess it's back to the drawing board for you and your reading. :P

  • Anne: Oh, no no, I didn't take it that way at all! :) I was pretty much agreeing with you, and spouting happy about one part of life where my enthusiasm's not going to move on to another project.

  • Les,

    You should value a partner that accepts your need to spend so much time in creative pursuits. Millions of marriages fail because of conflicts over the use of time... and maybe milllions more are bound by understanding their partner's need to follow their bliss.

    Is it safe to assume "serial enthusiasm" is your bliss or is there a compulsive disorder at work?