This might just be a phase, related to my recent injury and subsequent period of convalescence - but I feel like doing absolutely nothing extracurricular hack-wise after work. This is an odd state of mind for me, since I'm normally never happy unless I've got both work and home projects spinning. It's been somewhat satisfying to get work done and code checked in during the day, then home for dinner and some WoW on the couch next to The Girl. I'd kind of like to get into something more soon, but at present I feel no compulsion to hack, mashup, reverse engineer, invert polarity, or anything else of that nature. In fact, I'm doing a small measure of thinking about into what I do want to get once the itch returns. I've got a half-dozen unfinished short stories, and a geographical region full of people to meet. Maybe once the leg works again, I'll not feel like being such a full-throttle basement hacker anymore. This is weird.

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  • Don't worry. This is perfectly normal. Your brain has gone on holiday for a couple of weeks leaving your body in basic life-support mode. Feed it TV and beer and anything you fancy. Normal service will be resumed in a week or two.

  • Mmm... beer. Luckily, there's a BevMo within walking distance of our apartment. Er, well, theoretical walking distance anyway.

  • I've got to be particularly careful as a few hours of MMOs can poison my hackish funkitude for weeks at a time.

  • I suspect, at least for me, that it's the sense of micro-accomplishment. Move a few bars, finish a few quests, get a ding. Woo hoo! I did stuff! :)

  • Me too.

    Loads of 10% time projects and I can't be bothered to work on any of them. My excuse to myself was re-reading 13th Valley but now I've finished it...

  • Aquaintances of mine are going through the same thing... so it should pass. Not that I can brag about GTD, personally in a while now.

    Raise a glass, I'm toasting to your speedy recovery!

    I did hold my breath for a moment when I read that you relocated out west. Others I've known, were changed in an inexplicable way. They lost something they once had and became more like those they live around. It's difficult to explain.

    Is there something in the water, the air, the culture, everything?

    If you get any insite into this, please share it.