Michael Gartenberg: "First, it's another queue to check. ... It looks like I could add Twitter into the flow of RSS feeds but do I really want to do that?"

No, you don't want to do that.

If you're "checking your Twitter queue" - you're doing it wrong. You should be using something like Twitteriffic or a good IM client that semi-unobtrusively surfaces recent Twitter activity in the periphery of your screen. Things either catch your eye occasionally, or the messages pass you by. It's okay to miss things. In fact, it's mandatory to miss lots of things at a fully attentive and conscious level.

And, if you think "I'm going to post to my Twitter Blog now" - you're doing it wrong in that way too. You should be absentmindedly emitting something barely edited and pondered from your stream of consciousness every now and then. Maybe drop something a little more well-considered every now and then. But, spend any more than 3 seconds or so at a time spewing something into the ether, and you've likely missed the Twitter magic.

This stance toward Twitter interaction is where I find the mojo. Outside of those fine lines, the Twitter soap bubble bursts and the magic smoke escapes.

Archived Comments

  • Be still my beating heart! Three posts in a single day to your classic blog. Go!

  • Yeah, I know - like, I think I almost hurt myself. :)

  • I actually use Twitter more than I "normally" blog. But I do, in fact, have Tweets for each day archived on my WordPress blog, for archiving—in case a nuke-yuh-luhr bomb hits Twitter HQ, etc. All in all, it's working out quite well for me.

  • Semi-conscious twitters are amusing,but remember that if you can't twitter something nice, don't twitter anything at all.