This year has been a doozy. A full account of it would fill a book, so it's telling that I've neglected to raise much of a fuss about the fact that I actually have been working on a new book. Not only that, but part of that book has been spun off into yet another book of its own:

So what is this new book of mine? Well, besides being a showcase for my lovely author photo (thanks Wrox!), it's the result of having spent several months' worth of very early mornings pouring line-by-line over the source code of the Dojo JavaScript framework and making the rounds by assorted community resources—all in an effort to cook up a distilled guide of a little over 250 pages.

I've tinkered with various releases of Dojo over the years—so I didn't just drop into this cold. However, this book project represents an intensive push to really wrap my head around the latest releases and share the process on paper. As such, this isn't a book of case studies or in-depth projects. Instead, you should be able to flip to any section and drop straight into succinct explanations and demonstrations of the various utilities and facilities offered by the Dojo framework. You'll find all of the usual bits and bobs offered by modern JavaScript frameworks, but I'm hoping I've been able to surface a few of the more unique advantages offered by Dojo.

Essentially, this book is a better written, professionally edited version of the sort of reference notebook I assemble for myself whenever my serial enthusiasm strikes and I go headlong into a new technology. Usually these end up in a private laptop wiki or text file, occasionally as a blog post, but this one got turned into a book. I'm prone to embarrassment about the condition of the former, but hopefully you'll find that the extra effort put into the latter by myself and my editors make it worth the "Programmer to Programmer" sentiment behind the Wrox imprint.

At any rate, go order a copy for yourself. Hell, order another few for (belated) stocking-stuffers. Then, stop by the book forum hosted by Wrox and let me know what you think.

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