So, I’ve been working on a retro space game for the web. I planned it as a fun project to “sharpen the saw” and get myself more current on some newer technologies. I also planned to use it as blog fodder, writing little diary entries about what I’ve been doing & discovering along the way. But, 147 commits and almost 4 months later, I’ve had fun doing the coding and have totally neglected the writing.

I just brainstormed a topic list, so maybe I could back-fill with posts about things I did a few months ago. Last month’s stuff is boring to write about, though. Meanwhile, today’s stuff is fresh and exciting. But, since I’ve told myself that I should write about all the things, I feel obligated to go back and do the chores first. So, nothing gets written.


But, wait! It just occurred to me that I can do whatever I want! I can totally have pudding before I have any meat. So, I can go all non-linear and just start writing about whatever seems fun, in whatever order strikes my fancy.

Take that, internal editor / critic. Prepare for random access crap!