TL;DR: I've gotten through twenty days of writing posted here. I thought it might be worth recapping the last few things I managed to post.

Last month, I started trying to build a daily creative writing habit.

As of Thursday, I've gotten through twenty days of writing here. After that, I decided to take a couple of days off. And rather than jumping right back into it, I figured I might write a little status report.

When I first started, I wanted to establish this as a Thing I Do - just a regular, everyday fixture. I figured that I really needed to make it happen every single day in order to lay down the grooves of the habit. But, I've started feeling a little crispy around the edges trying to muster daily motivation without fail.

By now, I'm very familiar with the signs of burning out an enthusiasm. So, some regular breaks sound good for the sake of sustainability. I'm just going to have to trust myself - which is a hard thing - to start the habit back up next week. That said, the other regular writing habit I've managed to establish - i.e. morning journal pages - only happens 5 days a week. Maybe I should take the hint from that?

With that reflection out of the way, I also thought it might be worth recapping the last few things I posted here:

  • "Mala's Daring"

    I had a dream about these clever lemurs who are about as smart as humans, but haven't quite developed advanced technology yet. Here's a little sketch in that setting. 🐒

  • "Jacob's Drive"

    I've been thinking a lot about burnout lately, and the Tarot prompt pointed me at thinking about wanting something better. I haven't had a job nearly as bad as Jacob's and I've never really wanted to be a trucker, but that's the magic of fiction! 🌈⭐

  • "Cyril's Wisdom"

    The Tarot prompt seemed to point me toward a self-help guru or a cult leader who got too high on their own supply. I settled on an author who might have actually written something worthwhile but couldn't handle the success. 🍸

  • "Garth's Acquisition"

    A shoplifter seemed suggested by the Tarot prompt, but I wanted to write about a character who wasn't entirely a villain but also not at all justified in the act. (It's not like he stole a loaf of bread.) 💸

  • "Finley's Overtime"

    This one is a continuation of the story between a human / AI couple that I've had in mind for most of a year. I've got a much longer story written around them, but I'm starting to think I might tear most of that up and rewrite it in pieces like this. 🤖

Alright, that's enough for this recap. Let's see how next week goes!