It's all spinning wheels and self-doubt until the first pot of coffee.

Goodbye, Puck

Yes, i have a cat bed attached to my desk

Our cat Puck died last night. He would have been 15 in July. That’s pretty good for a cat, all things considered.

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Parsec Patrol Diaries: Construction Time Again

Random thoughts for 2014 Nov 25

TL;DR: Living in the future with spreadsheets and DOS games.

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Random thoughts for 2014 Oct 27

TL;DR: More random stuff collected and updated throughout the day.

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What were all those bullets for?

Did you see that thing I just posted? Weird. Back when I used Dave Winer's OPML Editor, I used to have a daily habit of opening a new outline and popping over to it throughout the day to collect random thoughts.

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