It's worth noting that I'm trying a change in approach now to get my hacking morale up. I'm adopting a more UNIX-y approach and planning to write and release a number of smaller, interoperating utilities at first. They should be really easy to pipe together, like cat | grep | more. They should, at first, run just fine on my laptop Apache installation or out on the 0xDECAFBAD servers. Eventually I might write the overarching DesktopWebAppServer that provides another shell within which they can reside, but I have to get away from my year-long hermitage arcs of development where I make really cool things and get 75% of the way done and then abandon them.

Okay. Nevermind work, it's time to go home. Wheee!

(Grr, and ?TextRouter keeps "helpfully" escaping all my HTML tags with entities. Have to do more digging to work out how to stop that.)