Look at what Dave has done to me! My Radio weblog is sitting over here if you want to tune me in, and an explanation of the madness is over here.

3/27/02; 1:25:43 AM by LMO

This is pretty swanky. Swanky indeed. Instant messaging meets outlining. It seems that it's not quite there yet, but I understand that's not what this beta is about.

But as a beta, this is a swanky mind bomb indeed. Especially if, as Dave says, we start to see who's watching whom in outliner land. This is what I want for all the weblogs. Hot hot hot.

Now maybe I can get off my butt and work on Arboretum some more and get it in on this action. From what Dave's saying, anyone who can speak OPML (and I assume maybe XML-RPC and maybe Jabber) can play.

3/27/02; 1:37:05 AM by LMO

Of course, one other thing: Why didn't I pay attention to Frontier and UserLand sooner? :) This is what I've been trying to make with Perl, ?MySQL and friends for years now.

3/27/02; 1:57:32 AM by LMO

I really should be in bed by now, but I'm subscribing to outlines like a madman:

Dave Winer, Scott Loftness, John Robb, Laurence Lee, Jake Savin, David Brown, masukomi, David Davies, and Jeremy Bowers

I'm also thinking that there's some kind of unholy symmetry between me @ decafbad.com, my obsession with coffee, Dave @ userland.com, his affinity for coffee-- and of course, insomnia stemming from the fact that what you're doing at the moment is so much more fun than sleep.