Let's see if anything breaks. The textareas in ?OmniWeb are suckily thin, will have to fix that in the templates. Trying out the disabling of line break conversion:

From Radio UserLand's Outliner @ 4/5/02; 12:35:49 AM

  • Wiki
    • Why do I like wiki?
      • An interface which steps out of one's way is a productive interface
      • Dead simple markup for humans
      • Dead simple collaboration & versioning
      • Dead simple, almost automated document structure
    • ...and Cocoon
      • Seems like a natural. Transform from human-oriented markup shorthand to an intermediate XML format and run from there with the transformations.
    • ...and Python
      • MoinMoin seems to have a bit of a primitive pipeline going on with formatter classes.
    • ...and ?DocBook
      • We want to collaborate on book authoring at work.
    • ... and OPML
      • Maybe along with Cocoon, make OPML one of the serializations, with hierarchy determined by a sections/headings analgous to HTML's H1-H4 and ?DocBook's sect1-sect4