• Here's my attempt at DecafbadWiki ?RecentChanges in OPML
  • Dave wanted to see some OPML coming out of Wikis. This could be a start. It's a bit dirty right now, too, since I doubt that all the dates it outputs are kosher. Radio seems to consume it happily though.
  • Next thing is that I want to OPML-ize a wiki page, using the headings (H1-H6) as cues for structure and each paragraph as child headings
  • One hiccup though: My script had to be *.opml, just claiming to provide text/x-opml wasn't good enough to be transcluded here.
  • I wonder: If I subscribe to this as a buddy, will Radio embolden it on new wiki pages?
  • It does, indeed. But, of course, although it is transcluded into my instant outline, wiki recent changes do not embolden my outline.

Archived Comments

  • Wow, that sounds really cool, especially if the idea to OPML-ize each page works out. It'd be like a hierarchical RSS feed.
  • The really, really cool thing after that would be to make the transformation 2-way. That is, for an outliner to be able to submit wiki changes :)