Crossposted from my LiveJournal:

Checking out the info for the automaticwriter community again, and I'm thinking I might have an idea to try out. Not sure if it'd fit in the community, but I think it might.

I need to find the algorithm, but I remember playing with some things that would analyze a body of my writing, looking for word and punctuation correlation and frequency. It could then to a cut up across that body of my writing, use the correlations, and throw a new bit of text together which sounded very surreal but still sounded uncannily like me.

So that's one part of the idea. The other part is this: I monitor about 120 news sources on the web through Radio UserLand. What if I took a random sampling of content out of my daily stream and applied my writing style analysis to it to produce new content? That is, take the content of random writers in my news stream, but do a cut up and automatic re-assembly based on an analysis of my writing style.

I'm sure it'd produce a lot of crap, and I might want to apply a little manual wrangling to things, but it might just produce some interesting results.