I need to turn my subscriptions list into a blogroll. Oh, and make sure that the subscriptions OPML doesn't contain any of my password-protected MailToRSS feeds. Also pondering doing some cute things, like maybe display a random subset of my reading list (since my blog+news RSS list is > 100 items), and maybe use RSSDisplay to pull in the headlines from a random RSS channel I subscribe to, and call it "Featured".

Hmm. blogrolling.com would be hot if it accepted a URL to an OPML file.

Maybe that's what I should do with my subscriptions-to-blogroll thing, kinda like I did with RSSDisplay. Yeah, I know RadioUserLand does or can do all of this, but I'm kind of in a mood to make a pile of small pieces to loosely join out here on decafbad.com.


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  • Blogrolling.com has been live for 2 and a half days so more cool features are on the way. By weeks end you'll be able to output your blogroll to any format I can think of or get a request for. It was designed for normal people who don't like to deal with HTML to use but I'm working on the beefier geeks now. Gimme a few days and you'll be able to pick your output flavor but still use the new tools. I'm workin on it. I promise ;-)
  • What, 2 1/2 whole days and you don't process OPML and make coffee yet? Sheesh! Hehehe... :) I certainly didn't expect to hear back from you personally about my grousing. Definitely good to see cool things in the work though!
  • Oh, and p.s.: How did you find me? Via my account sign up at your site?