Bill Seitz says I've gone bananas with this referers thing. And, well... yup I guess sticking it everywhere on my site qualifies. :) But, it was quick to write, and even quicker to rework since I just broke it away from using DBM files and switched to a MySQL table. (Wow, DBM files. One of those ideas that seemed cool at the time. A full-on Berkeley DB would have been better.)

I'm pretty much going bananas all over the place lately with all these fun things going on around the net. I'm like a kid in a candy shop, or is that a bull in a china shop? Well, I'm far too skinny to be a bull. Sooner or later I'll settle down, but it's fun having a working website and mad scientist laboratory to play with after the past few years of being too much of a perfectionist.


Archived Comments

  • Referrer has four R's. Tim Berners-Lee can't spell. ;)
  • You know, I wondered about that, but noticed that many people were using a 3-R spelling of the word so I followed the herd. This is not necessarily a Good Thing :) Maybe I'll correct the spelling with a shotgun search-and-replace. The mayhem should be fun.