Well, I bit the bullet and pitched in the extra bucks to upgrade my hosting which, among other things, finally gave me an access_log. The first thing I did was install Webalizer over here. Should my access log reports not be public? Hmm. Well they are for now, if that becomes a problem, I'll put a password on it.

The second thing I did was attempt to copy the Disenfranchised linkback act and make a wiki and SSI includable referers widget, which I'm calling ShowReferers. Mine's not quite so slick as their implementation, since with theirs you can construct your links to refer to paragraph numbers in a page so that a link back to you is injected right there on their refered-to page.

The neat thing here, though, is that I stuck it into the view template for DecafbadWiki so that every wiki page will show referral links, if there are any. I also dropped it into the pages for each story on the weblog. (Which reminds me that I need to make the story pages nicer, since I hardly ever look at them but the referrals tell me that other people see them more.)

I didn't quite get the value of referral links before, but I do now. :)