Okay, I'm done thinking and writing about REST for the time being. I think I understand it, but it doesn't seem to light any fires for me yet. I'll just stuff it away into my utility belt and keep it in mind in case the need for a REST-headed screwdriver comes up, or until I discover that my RPC usage causes cancer.

What's much more exciting to me at the moment is whitelist-based spam filtering, and even more so is using RDF to share whitelists. I really need to look more into this FOAF thing over at rdfweb.org.

One project I've been mulling over is how to replace something like my user info page at LiveJournal with something web-wide and decentrallized. RDF seems like a lead on that for a shared data format for personal metadata. I want the friends and friends-of, and especially the interest links that let you pivot on interest phrases to view a list of others who list the same interest phrase.


Archived Comments

  • You might want to talk to AaronSwartz http://webseitz.fluxent.com/wiki/SemPlesh
  • Well, when I'd first started thinking about the whole distributed personal metadata thing, I started taking to lurking in #swhack and #rdfig to see what I could see. Aaron Swartz seems to haunt those two pretty regularly. I should start talking in those channels again :)