My webhost had a bit of an outtage, and the machine on which this site is hosted suffered a nasty hard drive crash. Things were down for about a day or so, and when they came back up most everything was broken. Seems that the sysadmin of this server added a few security improvements, such as disallowing execution of CGI scripts with dangerous permissions, which revealed my sloppy and "atrocious" (the sysadmin's word) use of them.

*gulp* Bad me. Shows that it's been a long while since I had a website on a multi-user machine-- not that that's a very valid excuse, but it seems less urgent to tighten up permissions when you own the machine, have a small and trusted team working on it, and it sits behind two firewalls.

Hmm. I need to get schooled in some security mojo with the quickness. Loving the Wiki Way is one thing, but bending over like the guy (no, I'm not linking to it) is another thing altogether.