I have 3 blogs right now, including this one. The other two are 1) on LiveJournal and 2) managed by Radio UserLand.

My Radio blog has been pretty dormant of late, since I never quite got completely pulled into it or migrated my LJ or MT blog to it. Instead, LJ seems not itchy enough to abandon (and I have friends there), and MT seems comfy enough for now. So, Radio remains a place of bunsen burners and exploding beakers for me for now. (This is not a complaint, this is a cause for gleeful and evil rubbing of hands together.)

My LiveJournal, however, was my first successful blog. And by successful, I mean that I managed to keep writing there, usually trying to babble more at length than just copying a few headlines. My writing there is pretty random, by intention. I'd originally started it to supplement my daily writing in my paper journal, as some other outlet for words to keep me writing and maintain my ability to string more than two words together coherently.

On LiveJournal, I'm more likely to rant about things like religion and touchy issues. I'm also more likely to talk about my girlfriend and other events in life more interesting to my closer circle of friends.

I consider 0xDECAFBAD to be my nerd-blog, or my "professional" blog. It's where I'm more likely to ramble about things in my life as a geekish craftsperson. I could draw a Venn diagram, but suffice it to say that I think there are different, but overlapping, audiences for my high-nerdity versus my more personal ramblings.

Does anyone else do this? I'm sure I'm not alone in cordoning my blog faces off from each other. But should I feel the need to separate things like this? Although I can't find a link to it, I seem to remember Shelley Powers writing about tearing down her cordons between her nerd-core and normal-person blog sides. Of course, I try to thin the barriers at least by displaying my LiveJournal RSS feed over on the side as a "sibling" blog.

On the one hand, its a strange form of self-classification. On the other, though, it seems to work for me. Visit 0xDECAFBAD to see my vaguely professional high-nerdity. But if you want to get closer to me as a human being, come visit my LiveJournal and see me and my place in the community there. If you really want to know me... well, email me or maybe IM me. And maybe, just maybe, if you happen to be in town, let's head down to the pub.


Archived Comments

  • I have my LiveJournal and my Radio blog, and they're separate kind of like yours (personal/professional), but everything I blog out of Radio's News Aggregator goes into the Radio blog too. The LiveJournal is also a way to say something such that my friends who don't use Radio see it. (I don't think I have any friends who use any other RSS aggregator, hmm.) Of course, I could also count my Advogato diary, but it just has select items from my Radio blog since I hooked Radio up with an "Advogato" category. (Exploding beakers, there.) Since LiveJournal is such a nice gated community, I'd wager having a blog and a LiveJournal is more common than having two blogs of one's own.
  • I have my very plain and simple weblog using Greymatter's original open source CGI script as well as my LiveJournal. I only use my LiveJournal to view friend's updates.