Had a busy weekend living life, entertaining the girl, and cleaning my cave. A few quick things, if only to remind myself to remember to think about them:

  • Inspired by a suggestion from Eric Scheid to move from my server-included blocks to client-included blocks via ?JavaScript, I did a little exploration into the idea and whipped up a quick, generalized script to mangle the contents of any given URL into a document.writeln(). Not sure how robust this thing is.

  • Also, not sure how widely supported the JS-include hack is. On the other hand, Stephen Downes had made a good point in my blogchat the other day concerning JS-based hacks: my visitors can turn them off by disabling Javascript. Having been employed in the field of internet promotions these past 6 years, this seems like a nightmare. But, having been reading the Cluetrain Manifesto and following smart blogs, I start to think this is a Good Thing.

  • I see that JanneJalkanen and crew are musing out an update to the XML-RPC wiki interface. Having worked on my own implementations of this interface, I need to keep an eye on this, even if I can't quite be as active as I like.

  • HTTP Extensions for a Content-Addressable Web seems hot as hell, especially for the future decentrallized publishing world I'm dreaming of.

  • I'm updating my home linux box, Memoria, with Debian, defecting from Mandrake Linux. Wish me luck. Oh, and the HD in the machine has a few cranky parts from having been dropped. Wish it luck.

  • Running a telnet BBS at telnet://deus-x.dyndns.org:2323. The domain may change to bbs.decafbad.com soon. I miss the BBS days. I may bemoan the loss of local community gateways onto the 'net someday soon. I'm using Synchronet on a poor overworked Pentium 70Mhz PC running Win98, on which I also inflicted Radio UserLand for the time being. No one really calls on my BBS. I've been thinking of hosting the UNIX version on Memoria.

  • Thinking of trying out Radio UserLand on Memoria under Wine. I've seen mutterings which claim that this is possible. Anyone?

  • I want to wax pretentious with a few musings on the Singularity, birth control, anti-biotics, glasses, and self-modifying code. I might not get around to it, though.

  • Wasabi-coated peas are at once wonderful and terrifying.