Whew. Been swamped this week, with work and with life in general. So, sadly, 0xDECAFBAD got a bit neglected.

When last I was working on things, I was in the middle of some decent-sized reworks of various parts to go easier on the servers and do things in a smarter way. Amongst all that, I notice that since my suspension the admin of my web host has been poking in from time to time and still tinkering with my site. This week they've been doing things like turning off execution permissions site-wide (and therefore disabling all scripts here) and shutting off various cron jobs and calling it abuse-- eg. a nightly tarball of my site, to be scp'ed down by a home machine's cron job later in the night. Supposedly they have backups, but I don't.

On the one hand, I understand an admin wanting to maintain the performance of a server he owns. On the other hand, I'm a tenant. Does your landlord continually come into your apartment when you're not home, without notification? Does he or she wander around, unplugging your clocks and appliances, shutting off your heat while you're gone? I could understand if the apartment was on fire, then some immediate action is required. But you know, I'd just like to have a little notification.

Moving on...