Oh... I'm looking around for some sample code & docs for this, but maybe someone out there could drop me a few quick pointers:

I'm using Mac OS X. I have a Griffin iMic and a D-Link USB Radio. I can control the radio with DSBRTuner (with source code!) I thought that that would be the hard part. Now, what I want is a simple way to record sound to disk in AIFF format, preferably from the command line or at least with source code. I've tried a few other sound recording apps, but they're all mostly inadequate and overkill at the same time. Most of them won't record to disk, so capturing 4 hours of audio into memory hurts a lot.

I want to, in part, record radio shows with cron jobs. This shouldn't be rocket science. So, anyone know how to write a simple audio-to-disk app for OS X?