Still working on getting all the bits of this site working again on the new host. One thing in particular that's broken are my beloved referer scripts.

But, I'm working on replacements in PHP. Noticed that my linkback scripts are linked to and described on IAwiki. Also notice some decent wishlist ideas for linkback improvements-- such as first/last referral date and link karma. And of course there are the improvements I've been meaning to make-- such as metadata harvesting from referrer pages and some improvements on filtering out some bogus/unwanted links (ie. Radio UserLand aggregator links). Might also be nice to allow someone to submit URL patterns they'd like excluded-- that is, if you link to me and don't want me to publish the linkback, you can submit a URL pattern for your site.

Have also been thinking of throwing it together as an open service, like's Link Feedback and Stephen Downes' referral ?JavaScript-includes. I can offer the service, and the code. The only drawback is, well, what might it cost me to offer others a free lunch if the service actually happens to be good. :)

Need to keep thinking about colocation.


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  • Eh, just FYI: The links to your referer scripts in your wiki returns 404's... And I was so psyched to check out your perl scripts :-)