From Chris Heschong:

...While I don't believe it's 100% done, I've put up the code to my new pet RSS aggregator here for the moment. More to come shortly.
A nice, simple RSS aggregator in PHP that seems to run nicely on my iBook. Planning on poking at it some more, so I hope the alligator is of the non-bitey variety.

As Rael's little blosxom has hinted at, OS X has the potential to be the perfect end-user desktop website platform. I even had Movable Type running on it without much fuss. If only Apple had shipped with mod_perl and PHP modules active in Apache, it would be that much more amazing. I suppose that's easy enough to rectify.

Makes me feel strange running Radio UserLand on my OS X iBook, besides the CPU consumption. So much duplication of what's already there. Of course, there are the plusses of cross-platform goodness, integrated environment goodness, and things that just feel generally slick about it. Eh, but I don't have to feel strange about that anymore, since I moved Radio to my Windows box. Now Radio fights with my PVR program for CPU. Grr.

I've been thinking about this lately, too: Cocoa GUI talking via XML-RPC or SOAP to a web app locally hosted. It's been mused about before, though I forget where. I seem to remember that Dave had mentioned a company working on something like this. Could be interesting.

Seems to me that the potential and power of OS X for these sorts of apps (ie. desktop websites, networked info filters, etc...) has barely been tapped yet.

Unix on the desktop. Really. Who woulda thunk it?


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