Still busy busy, but had to drop in for a minute to try out the Metalinker code here. Two wishlist items: 1) Maybe use a micro-icon for the metalink, and 2) some indication of the number of links to the link on Blogdex would be hot, maybe even a green-through-red series of micro-icons for the link. Could maybe count the links on the blogdex page via some sort of scraping, but that would require some server-side stuff since I doubt the client-side can do it. (Or I just don't know enough modern browser scripting lately.)

Because of the obvious connections, this makes me want to get back to my new-and-improved linkback implementation very soon. That'll be next after I tie up this Cocoa AmphetaDesk wrapper. (Actually got it 2/3 done last night, yay!)

Back to work.


Archived Comments

  • You've got some nice Ideas on the wish list. I just wanted to say thanks for inspiring my to create my own linkback hack. I just finished it up last night, and was 100% inspired todo it after i say it in action here.
  • I'm seeing a "null is not an object" javascript error when visiting the individual post pages. Not seeing it on the main blog. IE 5.1/Mac