Here's a crazy idea I'm considering: Deploy the LiveJournal source as our company-wide k-logging service. Definitely make some cosmetic tweaks, possibly make some backend tweaks, but it might just be crazy enough to work. This just struck me today, remembering back when I'd last thought about this.

LiveJournal can support a for each employee. It has communities, which I can use for projects or special topics, or other forms of narrative pooling. It has the concept of friends and friends pages, or in other words: subscriptions and aggregators. There are friends groups, which we could use as aggregator feed groups. And the laziness threshold is demonstratedly low, seeing the ease and frequency with which 14-year-old spew trash around their journals. :)

And I'm thinking that any things missing from the LJ source I might want will be easier to add in than to build the whole thing up from scratch. And it's completely Open Source and free, though I might be able to convince some donated funds out of this place if the experiment is successful. Hell, if not, I'd consider grabbing a permanent account the next time they offer them.

Hmm. I still, someday, would like to see a decentrallized, server-less desktop answer to LJ, but this might work for now. Radio + Frontier might get there someday, but the idea of K-Logs has such tenuous support in my organization that any cost whatsoever would kill it.

Must play with this idea. Must insinuate it like I did with the wiki. It was accepted and made policy almost before anyone knew what hit them. That was fun. :)