So I broke down finally, and bought a digital camera. The excuse ends up being that I'll be needing it on my trip to Toronto this weekend. I got a Canon ?PowerShot S200, a 128MB CF card, the belt case, and two extra batteries. That should be enough to cover a rampant nerd photography spree.

I love this little thing, and I've been going insane with it. After some twiddling and organizing in iPhoto, I uploaded a metric ton of photos and grabbed Gallery from ?SourceForge to show them off in the new 0xDECAFBAD Gallery.

Then, I stuck a lil PHP block that rotates random thumbnail images from the gallery into my busy and crowded right-side bar. I can hear the woefully overburdened design of this site creaking and about to fall over. So, next project in a week or two is to tear this place apart and make it a bit easier on the eyes.

That is, after I take a few hundred more pictures. Been thinking of joining one of those online DP clubs to play around in a photo scavenger hunt.

More soon.