Cool, looks like TrackBack is working and starting to catch on this morning. I caught a nice compliment about my mutant outline skin for AmphetaDesk. Must get back around to the next iteration of that thing, add some polish and some new features.

As for the MT upgrade from last night... looks like it nuked my post categories. Grr. That kind of blows chunks. Might have to see what that's all about, since I sagely backed everything up first. Another thing is that I'd like to look more into this TrackBack feature and the concept of TrackBack URLs and pings. Namely: It's a pain in the ass to cut & paste the TB URL, and the bookmarklet hasn't worked for me yet.

I notice that there's some RDF embedded in my posts now, describing the TrackBack link. Unfortunately, I don't see where the RDF explains that it is, in fact, about a TrackBack link. Though I haven't dug into the workings yet, I assume that this is how TrackBack-enabled pages discover info about pages from which they've been pinged.

What would be nice is if the RDF also identifies itself as TrackBack info. This way, I could hack my Movable Type to pluck URLs out of a post I'm publishing, go take a visit to each URL and try to harvest the RDF, and then automatically discover the ping URL and ping it. All I'd need to do to activate the process is include a link to a page elsewhere that contains RDF hints on how/where to ping.

Always looking to get more for less effort. :)


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  • About the categories, we wil want to get to the bottom of that; thankfully you did a backup. Also, about the bookmarklet. You may be having this same problem as the person in this thread since you downloaded an early version of the distribution: Bookmarklets won't work If you want to fix this (or see if it fixes it), download a new version of the distribution and just replace this file: lib/MT/App/
  • Oh, one more thing. If you also replace: lib/MT/App/ with the latest version in the distribution, you won't have any more blank pings showing up.
  • Now that's customer support :) Thanks, I'll go grab those fixes in a few minutes.
  • I was having a problem with the bookmarklets not showing the ping url as well. What worked for me was updating LWP::UserAgent on my server. Now it works fine.