Okay, I do this in what seems like an annual cycle: Juggle hardware and operating systems around on my home PCs. The tool I always seem to lose and need again is something to safely allow me to resize and move hard drive partitions, whether they be Linux or Windows. Has anyone finally made a reliable Open Source tool for this yet?

Generally, I reach for Partition Magic for the job. It's never failed for me. But, generally, I need to buy a new copy of it every time I get around to using it again. I mean, who really needs to repartition a drive more than a few times in a year? (Okay, you can put your hand down. You need to get out more.)

Well, this time it looks like I need it again. I have v6.0, which apparently makes WinXP choke and drown in its own vomit. I don't really want to buy Partition Magic again. Could I just rent your copy for about $10-20 or so? I've considered wiping WinXP and re-installing Win98 just because things seemed easier then. It just seems like this is such a common task when you're screwing with Linux that this would be Done.

Hmm, maybe I'll just pay for the fine product again. :) It does work flawlessly for me, even if I only do use it once.


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  • Why not get a few extra computers? It's easier than repartitioning all the time, and heck, Linux (and the BSDs) run fine on older hardware like 486s and low end Pentiums. It's gotten to the point where I turn stuff like that away since I've run out of room to put them somewhere (and my girlfriend was able to make both a Linux *and* FreeBSD box with spare parts around here). -spc (Okay, so the keyboard/monitor thing may get out of hand ... )
  • Hmm.. well, I do have a handful of machines cobbled together from spare parts already. But, for the project I want to start on now I need a part of which I have only one: An ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon card with which I record cable TV shows. So, I really want to repartition and dual boot the Windows box in which it now sits. That way, I can let the Windows side record shows when I'm not tinkering and then boot into Linux to tinker until I can get it recording shows instead. I suppose I could finally just break down and get another tuner card and hope it works with Linux. :)