Better living through regular expressions from Mark Pilgrim. This has got me thinking of two things:

  1. I need to hack together some MT macros or a plugin that finds & links wiki-words in blog entries to my wiki, and I need to start writing in the wiki again.
  2. I really dig his blog's skin, and I need to finally read though all of his accessibility tips and re-skin this site. This place is butt-ugly.


Archived Comments

  • Better! Make Movable Type understand wiki-style syntax. Like complete wiki style. Structured text. * for lists. === for headers. [] for links. Auto-paragraphs that actually work (and validate afterwards). The whole works. I wish I knew Perl.
  • Hmm, I could think of 3 good ways to do this...Run my MT entries through TWiki via a little bit of hackery. But of course, that leaves users of other wikiclones out.Use Text::WikiFormat from CPAN, which seems like a nifty self-contained implementation of classic wiki formatting. This choice, though, leaves MT unconnected to the content in an existing wiki.Use a combination of two of my pet projects: XmlRpcFilteringPipe and XmlRpcToWiki. I'm not sure how MT tags work yet, but I suppose I could make a tag that filters its contents through an XML-RPC-based filter service that happens to run it through an XML-RPC-enabled wiki.I'm leaning toward #3, since with the XML-RPC pipeline concept I've been tinkering with, you could line up a series of transformations (not just wikification) on your blog entries, some of which could be performed via services offered at other websites. Of course, #2 is the probably the simplest, if all you want is just wiki formatting in MT. Hmm. I think I'll have to tinker with this.