Please excuse the noise and dust - I'm working on a few new MT plugins to support Wiki formatting and XmlRpcFilteringPipe. Are these wiki words working? PipeFilters, MovableType, ShareAndEnjoy, etc.

How about unordered lists? * One * Two * Three How about ordered lists? 1. One 2. Two 3. Three And ''how'' '''about''' '''''this'''''?

This is another test. PipeFilters, ShareAndEnjoy.

  • One
  • One a
    • two
      • three
        • four
    • two a

How about a table?

this is a
test table format

Archived Comments

  • Dude, this is so gonna rock when you get it released.
  • oh, yes. this would be a great solution to the wiki-weblog combo, without having to actually run your weblog in your wiki, or vice versa. bring it on!
  • This is a good idea (I've been tinkering with something like this as well, but making a Wiki look like a weblog). BTW, make sure you add a Wiki shorthand for linking to earlier entries in the weblog.