Neat! I love the blogosphere. Bryce is attempting to implement what I'd babbled about last week: BlogWalking with a Zaurus. I'm still saving my pennies, and I've yet to acquire a Zaurus of my own. So, I'll be watching this experiment eagerly.

I don't expect it to be perfect or necessarily go smoothly, but it's a first step. Someone had mentioned that a PDA is inappropriate to host something like MovableType, since it's usually off or easy to lose. Personally, I want to head toward having an easily wearable or pocketable device that contains (or at least has seamless access to) all my personal data, so a PDA seems ideal to me. However, maybe a large server at home behind my cable modem would work better as a personal data sink, with the the PDA being more like a personal data buffer. This was suggested in comments on my previous entry as well, I believe.

So, MovableType itself on a PDA and paired with rsync may or may not be nifty in the end. I'd like to try it, and then maybe think about doing something like a BloggerAPI / metaWeblogAPI client that can buffer up entries and fire off the XML-RPC calls at a given sync time.

Hmm... more to think about.