From Kevin Burton:

Are these guys serious? Blogwalking?
Yup. I'm vaguely serious. At the same time, I think it's funny as hell. Can't speak for anyone else.
Do they actually own a Zaurus? Ha!
Nope, I said I don't, yet. Duh. :) But, he does.
The keyboard is totally unusable. I don't even want to type 'ifconfig' and I couldn't even imagine writing this blog entry on the Zaurus!
Hmm. Well, I can't speak to that. A friend of mine is pretty happy with it and hacks perl on his. If anything, that endeavor exercises the keys.

Then again, I'm very tolerant of bad interfaces in early stages of an experiment. It's the combo of Linux and Java on a PDA that I'm more interested in. Hell, if the keyboard pisses me off after awhile, I'll implement a Dasher-like UI (and walk into telephone poles), or a dictionary-completing UI, or make it interpret a personal code of taps on the space bar. I used to put up with graffiti, and later FitalyStamp, to post entries to my LiveJournal account.

So my first interest, once I have a Zaurus, is to see how difficult it is to get it into the publishing loop of a blog. Then, I want to play with the UI. Actually blogging and walking at the same time, with the present UI, would obviously be comical at best and stupidly tragic at worst. But if it could somehow become streamlined, demand little attention, and become as easy as talking to oneself...

I'm reaching here, but I think it would be neat. I also think digital watches are neat. (See: NeatLikeDigitalWatches)