Oh, and a quick thing I feel compelled to share: JohnCompanies is the best hosting I've had so far since I started this domain. I have yet to move everything over to it, but I'm so very impressed at the notices I've been getting. There were two brief outages recently, one planned and one not planned, but the important bit is that I received email telling me about them and what happened before I was even aware there was a situation.

I like that.

Update: Shawn Yeager commented that the outage wasn't really all that brief - 9 hours in fact. So... well, that does suck. Personally, I didn't suffer from it, having yet to completely rely on them. I do, still, enjoy having gotten the email. :)


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  • I hate to throw rain on the parade, but I have moved everything over and they were down for 9 hours today. It was the upstream fault of Sprint, but I'm blown away that John Companies doesn't have redundant links. I'm still awaiting the full autopsy report. I'm loving the service otherwise, but 9 hours is insane. Here's hoping this was an once-in-a-lifetime occurance.
  • Oof. Well, this is why I'm glad I have comments here. That does indeed suck. Like I said, most of my stuff's not there, so I didn't see anything of mine break. On the other hand, noe of my past hosting services had a two day outage, and still never answered for it.
  • I hear you, l.m., and the prior emails were very encouraging. I WANT them to be solid and to stay with them, as the price/feature ratio is excellent. I just hope they strengthen their network architecture considerably.