Ugh. Hard drive in my little iBook is going "brr-tick-tick-tick-tick. brr-tick-tick-tick-tick." while various processes inexplicably freeze up and go AWOL. These are things I've come to recognize as the death of a hard drive. So, since I've been putting everything on my laptop lately, I'm feeling a bit lost today. No email via local IMAP filtered through SpamAssassin and things. No news aggregator. No outlines. Currently running a disk utility that I hope will route around the damage, but I'm not sure.

I know it's gratuitous, but replacing my iBook with a ?TiBook that I don't have to pay off for 18 months sounds mightly nice. But, I promised myself and my girlfriend that the Treo was the last toy for awhile, until I have everything all paid off. That, and I keep hearing rumors of a new ?TiBook in the ether, early next year. Yeah, yeah, wait for the next latest and greatest and I'll be waiting all eternity, but waiting in this case would appear to align with other more prudent goals.

But either way, I'm feeling my lack of computing support today like a sleeping limb. I'm such a dork :)


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  • I feel for you. I'm dropping off my TiBook later today for repair. I've been putting it off forever, for the very reasons you note. Let's face it. We're Borg. ;)
  • Funny Justin and I have had our TiBooks for about year now... You mean to tell me you still have that I book? :-) Its nice working at a company that pays for quality products.
  • The new TiBooks will be nice. :-)