Whew, it's been a long stretch of urgency and emergency lately without much time for reflection or writing, let alone any general hackery. Don't want to go through a fully detailed recap - but my girlfriend moved in with me; mostly have survived a near ?DeathMarch project; took care of said girlfriend after surgery; was taken care of by said girlfriend after surgery myself. Managed to squeeze a birthday and dating anniversary celebratory break in there, but - not much time for blog, Doctor Jones.

I really want that to change now. A lot has been going on since I've had to take a step back from large parts of my life, but I think I can step back into things again now. Need to restart the social life, and start poking my head out of the lurker pool on the net. Time to finally regroup, exit the state of urgency and emergency, and get back to moving foward instead of moving in reaction.