Justin Hall of TheFeature, in From Weblog to Moblog, writes:

Weblogs reflect our lives at our desks, on our computers, referencing mostly other flat pages, links between blocks of text. But mobile blogs should be far richer, fueled by multimedia, more intimate data and far-flung friends. As we chatter and text away, our phones could record and share the parts we choose: a walking, talking, texting, seeing record of our time around town, corrected and augmented by other mobloggers.
Touches on SmartMobs and collaborative journalism. He calls it ?MoBlogging (mobile-blogging), but I'll still call it BlogWalking.

Haven't had a whole lot of success doing any blogging on the go with my Treo yet, but then I haven't tried very hard at all yet due to a lack of copious free time. Have some ideas that should help. Liking the Treo, but after settling into it, I'm kind of wishing I could have gotten a HipTop. I expected the Palm to be mature, but it's just kinda clunky and creaky and elderly. I expect the HipTop to get slicker, and I'd like the bigger keys better - not to mention the lil camera. But, my Sprint contract is up in a little under a year, so around this time next year I'll retire the Treo and survey the landscape again. Hopefully there'll be a dream device out by then.