About the difference between BlogWalking and Moblogging, Bryce writes:

Moblogging is about capturing the moment with multimedia.

Moblogs exist in a seperate space from traditional weblogs, and that's where the disconnect with Blogwalking occurs.

Blogwalking is about taking our weblogs with us.

Originally, we'd written about BlogWalking as literally walking with your blog, publishing & management software and all installed on a mobile device. The spirit of it, in my mind, was mobile blogging.

Then, I read about Moblogging and assume it's the same thing. But, Bryce points out an important distinction that I think I get now. BlogWalking is coming from one direction, trying to make the blog mobile. Moblogging comes from the other direction, trying to make the mobile blogged.

I'd off-handedly wondered what it would be like as a BlogWalker, if I could add a camera, GPS device, temperature sensor, and other various things to a PDA loaded with blog software - I already have the blog, but I want to add multimedia to it. Well, Mobloggers already have multimedia devices, with voice and imaging and more to come - they want to capture that content in a blog.

It's a subtle difference, but somewhat important, I think. And after experiences with my Treo, an admittedly underpowered device versus the Zaurus, I'm leaning toward Moblogging. Keep the blog software off the mobile device, but make the mobile device into a multimedia blogging terminal. I think Moblogging is really the spirit of what I want from BlogWalking.

I'm hoping for a color HipTop after my Sprint PCS contract is up. The Treo has been nice to me, but it hasn't amazed me. Although the grass is always greener, the HipTop seem the more amazing device to me.


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  • There's a color model on the way? I literally have a 2nd tab open in which I was just about to complete an Amazon purchase of the current (greyscale) model for $99 + T-Mobile activation. Sure, there's always something better and cheaper on the way, but this might bet worth waiting for. Any further info or pointers you can offer, Les? Thanks
  • Alas, I have no special knowledge toward the availability of a color HipTop - only the assumption that, by this time next year, there'll be color in them thar HipTops, or else. I guess what I left out is that I had signed up for my 1 year Sprint contract within a week of the HipTop being released. Grr.
  • Gotcha, thanks. And oh the evils of contracts...