Well, it's not earth shattering, but after some research and some more feature brainstorming, I've gotten a start on a PersonalWebProxy. At the moment, it's not much code and is transparent except for the fact that it transforms every appearance of "0xDECAFBAD" on pages into "0x31337D00D". What's exciting to me though, is that I tossed it together with an hour's hacking in Python, using the Twisted framework. So, starting work in a language and framework both mostly new to me is fun. Also, it's interesting to work in the event-driven style again, even though I still think I still want threads (see: Blog:000090). If I go to threads, I think I'd swap over to Java.

I was tempted to start the thing in Perl, since I already know my way around the language, and I already know my way around POE, a major event-driven framework in that scene. But, I've been programming in perl almost to the exclusion of other languages for a little over 10 years now, not counting some excursions into Java or assignments for college classes. I think it's time to expand, and force my brane wider. I've touched on this topic before, but it's been ages since I had any energy to devote to this place and its projects.

At least I didn't go completely apeshit and start this in Lisp or ?Scheme. :) Though I'd still like to make myself an assignment using one of those two, I'd like a few collaborators on this project at some point. I figure Python would be more hackable for this at present.