Along with tweaking my RSS template today, I've been tweaking my FOAF file after perusing the FOAF vocabulary again and having spied on the FOAF files belonging to some of the bloggers in my neighborhood.

Trying not to fall prey to simple cut-and-paste copying, and trying to keep in mind the underlying RDF model as I push things around. I've been browsing things with BrownSauce, but I have to keep reminding myself not to fall for the "looks okay in the browser, must be okay" fallacies that plague the entire HTML universe. Just because it seems to render in ?BrownSauce doesn't mean it's okay, and just because it might not look okay doesn't mean that it isn't.

Must learn the model and the vocabulary. Repeat this 100 times.

Whew. Anyway, the more that I look at it, the more that I'm thinking that FOAF is the perfect LiveJournalFriendsReplacement format. I can't believe I hadn't seen this before and gone completely gonzo over FOAF already.

I think I'm grasping RDF and the FOAF vocabulary, so I don't think it would be a herculean task to build something similar to the user info editing pages over at LiveJournal, and to build a FOAF display page like my user info page on LiveJournal. Perfect.

In fact, I wonder if I might not be able to work out a conversion between the two, maybe create a supplemental vocabulary to supply details that LiveJournal does yet FOAF doesn't. (ie. bio, IM accounts, birthday, blogrolls, etc.)

More study to come...


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  • Mmmm, intertwingly: I went over to the rdfweb-dev Yahoo Group to get a link to the recent discussion of IM links in FOAF, but ended up with the link to a LJ suggestion for FOAF instead. The IM thread starts at message 453, shortly after the discussion of foaf:beerTokens died down (the best part of FOAF is that, unlike so many other bits of RDF/RSS/XML, it's fun and everybody seems to enjoy playing with it).