In case anyone's been wondering, I've not slipped back into oblivion. I've been a little busier at work again, but nowhere near a death march pace. And, in the free time I've been clearing up for tinkering, I've been working semi-obsessively on the aforementioned PersonalWebProxy idea. I dove back into Python, started soaking in the Twisted framework, and just about have an operable-but-ugly first attempt at a basic HTTP proxy with plug-in filters.

Thinking that I need to knock it around some more to work out some kinks, and then bang up some initial useful filters. But I want to get something packaged up and offered for ridicule within the next week or so. Not sure if anyone else is or will be as enthusiastic about this little toy as I am, but I think I'll be able to do some nifty things with it.


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  • I'm certainly looking forward to trying out your PWP, but then I use your add-in for AmphetaDesk to read most everything. The PWP will just complete the DecafBad experience :-)