Mark Pilgrim writes: "I am now a card-carrying associate member of the Free Software Foundation. Software is free, but lawyers are expensive." And from the FSF membership page:

You will receive a personalized, bootable, business-card-sized GNU/Linux distribution as your membership card. This GNU/Linux distribution is based on LNX-BBC. New cards will be sent to renewing members every year if and only if there is a new major release of LNX-BBC.
So, not only can you give a little something back to a project from which most of us have benefitted from - you'll also get a membership card that's as useful in and of itself as carrying a swiss army knife, and as far as I know, it won't get confiscated from you at the airport. (Oh, and this entry is a test of the NetNewsWire Pro Beta weblog editor. This is only a test.)


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