Just in case this wasn't common knowledge, it seems there's a bit of a boo-boo in Jaguar's installation of Python that sticks it head up when one tries to compile extentions (like, oh say, the Standalone ZODB).

Line 62 of /usr/lib/python2.2/config/Makefile reads:

LDFLAGS= -arch i386 -arch ppc

But, I think should read:

LDFLAGS= -arch ppc

Making this change appears to have gotten the thing compiling, though it may also cause my iBook to eventually self-format since I barely understand everything involved.

Ugh, though now that everything's compiled without hitch, the test script goes belly up with a bus error. Time to go back googling to find a solution or somewhere to whine. I may also swap back into Java, since I like Jena better than anything I've found in Python for RDF support.


Archived Comments

  • you mean .../config/Makefile
  • D'oht! Why yes, you are correct!
  • by the way, thanks for finding the problem I was looking for -- at the time I was looking for it. independently.
  • BTW, I just did a from-source build of Python 2.2.2 and /usr/local/lib/python2.2/config/Makefile doesn't seem to have the bogus LDFLAGS entry. In fact it doesn't seem to have anything for LDFLAGS! Near as I can tell building MM2.1 from Python 2.2.2 source-distro works just fine. This looks like an Apple goof? Chuq, who manages the free software offerings for MacOSX and how would we get in touch with them?
  • I went through this - trying to get ZODB standalone working on OSX. After I got the bus error, I was informed that the problem is the python version: 2.2 won't work with any part of Zope. You can either downgrade to python 2.1 (I don't want to either) or see if a more recent python will work.