So... yeah. I watched the keynote, and I'm lusting over the new mini-me ?PowerBook with a plan to purchase in the Spring. I was aiming at a high end iBook but holding out for something better, and well, this new ?PowerBook is the precisely what I was holding out for. It appears to be the rightful successor to my formerly beloved Sony Vaio 505TR.

Then there's Safari. Mark puts it under the microscope, as does Mena. On the other hand, Ben writes that it's almost-shit. Oh yeah, and JWZ reports: "Apple says 'fuck you' to Mozilla" But he's not bitter.

I haven't got the chops to seriously test the thing, so I'll be watching the more spec-wise out there for info. But, what I do think about it makes me sound like an Apple fanboy: I think it's great.

It's not perfect at the moment, but I've got a feeling that this will change. And fast. Mozilla's shipped with talkback, but Safari's got a bug submission button right up front. And the fact that they did snub Mozilla for a dark horse like Konqueror seems a bit provocative (at least in techie / Open Source circles), and after all that talk of innovation I doubt that they're going to let it rest as-is or back down. I expect lots of movement from here. Think different and all that. And, from my minuscule bits of Cocoa dev, I'm looking forward to poking around with ?WebCore and the ?JavaScript framework. Unless it's a complete disaster, I expect the building blocks of Safari to pop up in projects everywhere.

These things tell me to expect good things from Safari. I hope Mozilla can keep up. As for IE, well, I deleted that a long time ago.


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  • Right on. Actually, I was /most/ impressed by the bug reporting feature. If you've not already noticed, the "More" feature of the reporting dialog permits one-click sending of a screen shot and source. Brilliant!