Lazy Mac OS X: Weblog links sidebar:'s going to be about turning your Mac into a weblogging machine. As easy as the links-and-commentary genre is with all the blogging apps out there, I'm too lazy for the commentary bit, and so I tend to drag-and-drop links to my desktop for later posting -- and then promptly forget about them. Consequently my desktop is a mess, and my blog is stagnating. Bad.

So... what he made, with AppleScript's Folder Actions, is a magic folder on his desktop. When links are dropped into the folder, a script is triggered which posts the link to a weblog via BloggerAPI. I've tweaked it a bit to ask me for a link title, quote, and a tiny bit of commentary, but it still needs a bit more work.

I had never heard of Folder Actions before this. This is very nifty stuff - blogging woven into the OS X desktop itself with AppleScript. Whew.

What I'd really love is to be able to drop a folder onto my dock, and then drop things onto it there. I'm thinking of a bunch of "bins" on the dock that shuttle files off to different destinations and through various transformations, right there, always in view.


Archived Comments

  • Your dock idea works fine - try it. Drag a folder with a folder action attached to it onto the part of the Dock next to the trash. It'll stick there and when you drag things into it, it does just what you want. Of course, you can also just make applescripts that deal with dropped files (droplets, i think they're called) and toss them into your dock too.
  • Hmm. Files from the desktop appear to work fine, but if I drag a link straight from a page in Safari or Chimera, the folder just dodges & weaves on the dock and never allows me to dunk it in.
  • Hey -- really good idea.
  • Spring Desktop might be promising here...