I've been thinking about the whole "I need tabs in Safari" issue, and have come to realize that no, in fact, I don't need tabs in Safari. ... What I need is a way to manage multiple open web pages in a single window. ... I've done a quick and dirty mockup of something that approaches what I'm thinking about.

So, yeah, not that anyone needs my US$0.02 added to the cacophony around Safari, but here it is anyway. Go check out D'Arcy's mockup. I think this is precisely what I want. I've been keeping myself using Safari since it was released, and I've been disappointed with it very rarely. Instead of tabs, I've been heavily using the Window menu, wishing for some window navigation shortcuts (ie. prev, next, 0-9 for first ten windows?)

Anyway, I say: tabs can go, but give me a sidebar.


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  • you can use cmd- to switch between opened windows of the active application...
  • yep, that mockup depicts a scheme that would work well for me. and i'm using safari exclusively now as well. i had been using netscape 7 as my primary broswer, but safari is just so much faster, and for some reason i can't quite articulate it just feels, overall, "cleaner" than any other browser. perhaps it's just less convoluted with "features" than any other browser? at any rate, ie is definitely collecting dust from lack of use, i'm glad to say.
  • But surely that is tabs, only down the side instead of along the top (and taking up more room, because of the blank space at the bottom)?
  • I'm not sure I understand why 'tabs' down the side is better than tabs up top either, unless you really need twenty-odd pages open, but you could acheive a similar effect by running Pith - http://www.blacktree.com/apps/index.html - and positioning your browser window accordingly. Okay, so it's not all that neat and tidy, but that setup worked fine for me until the builds of Safari with tabbed browsing were released.