Apple's Cocoa library contains two very good table controls, ?NSTableView and it's close relative, ?NSOutlineView . However, both of these controls have one large limitation: All the rows must be the same height. This is an issue when displaying table cells with content that varies in height, such as large amounts of text or images. Luckily, Apple's Cocoa controls were also very well designed, making it possible to add this functionality simply by subclassing the table views. ?RowResizableTableView is an ?NSTableView subclass which allows each row to have variable heights, and ?RowResizableOutlineView is an ?NSOutlineView subclass with the same functionality.

Wow. Although I think my Arboretum project is very likely asleep for good, it was the want for this particular component that most discouraged me from continuing with my outliner. Nowadays what keeps me away is the absolute brilliant quality OmniGroup's OmniOutliner and the fact that it supports AppleScript, and furthermore, the fact that AppleScript has its tendrils in abso-freaking-lutely every app that seems to matter to me. So, I can pretty much have everything I wanted to have out of Arboretum right now.

But I'd still like to come up with a decent project in Cocoa for myself. It's just so damn comfy to develop with.