Oh, and I completely forgot to toss a link his way, but Kevin Smith of electricanvil.com is working on a Java PersonalWebProxy project also. With AgentFrank, I've been leaning toward patching the core together as quickly as possible to enable the plugins and scripting I wanted to play with. But it looks like Kevin's spending more time carefully architecting the core using Jakarta Phoenix & some homebrew proxy work. Would be nice to borrow from his work soon.

Who else has code out there that could be assimilated? :)


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  • Well... considering that "Frank" is already 18 MB over-weighted... what about a drastic diet instead?-)
  • Avalon and Phoenix rocks, it takes a bit of time till the whole idea and how it works click in but then there is no way back :) We did this way DataStore (Phoenix) and we are heavily using Avalon (the framework) to some other projects to.
  • What's wrong with using Squid as your web proxy? It's already written, does a great job caching, and as long as it's local, you have access to its entire cache (and log files) to comb through. -spc (I mean, why go through the trouble of writing a web proxy when there's already one written ... )